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Robertshaw temperature regulators are simple in design, easy to install and sturdily constructed to provide years of maintenance and trouble-free service.


Model RT-1001B1


The RT-1001B1 features a wide throttling band and small bulb size that is particularly suited for applications where the heating surface is large, and the storage capacity of the heated product is small.

Model 908


The 908 cooling water regulator is a simple, self-contained instrument that controls cooling applications by regulating the flow of cooling water in accordance with discharge water temperature.

Model RT-1001T2


The RT-1001T2 tank regulator is specifically designed for the petroleum industry to control temperature on treaters, heaters, separators, etc.

Model RT-1004


The RT-1004 series self-actuated regulator has a variety of two-way, single-seated and double-seated valves, and direct, reverse-acting and three-way valves.

Model RT-1010A


The RT-1010A self-actuated regulator features a balanced, three-way valve. Design includes a handcrank option to manually position the valve. In case of thermal system failure, the operator can manually position the valve to "safe mode". The primary applications for this regulator include bypassing or diverting cooling service for engines, gas turbines, etc.

Model RT-1011B1


The RT-1011B1 series is an extension of the RT-1003DI series. From the bulb head through to the regulator frame, all parts exposed to the atmosphere are made of 18-8 stainless steel.

Models I-1284 and I-1285


The I-1284 and I-1285 thermostatic valves are compact, self-contained and self-powered, three-way temperature regulating valves. They are particularly suitable for controlling water and lubricating oil temperatures on internal combustion engines.

Models RT-1003 and RT-1009


The RT-1003 and RT-1009 self-actuated temperature regulators offer final control of the temperature of a liquid, air space or flow, or gas flow in heating or cooling applications.

Models RT-1006B1 and RT 1007A1


The RT-1006B1 and RT-1007A1 series has a non-indicating design suited to heating and cooling applications where overheating is of primary concern.

RT-200 Series


The RT-200 Series compact hot chamber temperature regulators are highly sensitive, yet sturdy, self-contained, self-powered, practically indestructible controls that can be easily installed by any steam fitter. Available in several designs to suit differing pressure limits and capacities.

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