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Pneumatic Controls

Tried and True Control System Components


Model 85026

Pneumatic Temperature Sensor

The 85026 temperature sensor contains a two-position valve operated by temperature variations around an integral sensing bulb. It is dsigned to vent or block a pneumatic signal when a set point is reached.


Model I-542

Pneumatic Temperature Sensor

The explosion-proof I-542 series pressure switch is designed for rigorous engine-mounted applications. It provides low-cost and dependable protection against damage to equipment or processes.


Model 85380

Pneumatic Temperature Sensor

The 85380 valve is designed for use either as a fuel gas valve or a starting air valve. Pneumatically actuated, the vent port will close before the main port will open as pressure is applied to the actuator diaphragm.


Model I-530

Pneumatic Temperature Sensor

The I-530 engine safety control is a dependable safety shutdown device which may be used to monitor lube oil pressure, jacket water temperature and over-speed.


Model 82059

Pneumatic Relay

The 82059 is a receiver indicator relay that is used to indicate safe or unsafe conditions of a measured variable. It exhausts actuating pressure from a control system when this variable exceeds its set point.


CR100 Series

Pneumatic Relay

The CR100 series ratio relays comprise a group of proportioning units designed for use in industrial pneumatic control systems where the application requires amplifying the volume of control air in a predetermined ratio.


Model 83939

Pneumatic Relay

The 83939 logic relays are two-position, three-ported, and three-way. They can be manually or manually/pneumatically actuated. These multi-function, field-selectable logic relays are the basic building blocks for pneumatic logic circuits.


Models 84370 and 84390

Pneumatic Pressure Sensor

The 84370 and 84390 pressure sensors contain weatherproof, snap-acting valves operated by pressure variation around an integral sensing element. These sensors are used to block or vent pneumatic signals.